Arya Sanat Pars

An expert team of young and educated engineers with a combined experience of about ten years established Aria Sanat Pars Company in Toos Industrial Town. It is involved in the design, manufacture, and analysis of rotary equipment, such as pumps, and compressors, in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

The engineers of this company are trying to carry out the projects with a combination of internal knowledge and modern industrial developments according to the needs of the country.

This company has accomplished many projects in this field by using reliable global standards and advanced facilities such as a 3D optical scanner.

Company Structure

Aria Sanat Pars company has completely independent departments that are managed in an integrated manner in the field of analysis, design, and reverse engineering. This structure has significantly increased the company’s ability to carry out industrial projects on time and with quality. The important and influential departments of this company are introduced as follows: 

Some of the company's resume and activities

Rotary Equipment

Nowadays, due to the unfair sanctions against the country and the lack of many parts and equipment, the country’s domestic industry needs to be localized more than ever.

There are various sectors where pumps and compressors are used, including factories, refineries, power plants, etc, whose improper operation disrupts the cycle of the industry.

Due to a decade of experience in the rotating equipment field and operational experience, the engineers of this company apply international standards such as API 610, API 617, ISO 1940-1, etc., in the field of analysis, design, standardization and manufacturing of Rotary Equipment; they have implemented significant projects in the industry.

Among the standards required to carry out the mentioned projects, the following can be mentioned:

  • API 610 (standard for centrifugal pumps, 11th edition)
  • API 617 (standard for centrifugal compressor, 8th edition)
  • ISO 1940-1 (Balance quality requirements for rotors, 2nd edition)
  • ISO 8062 (Geometrical product specifications, 2007)
    DIN ISO 13715 (Technical product documentation – Edges of undefined shape – Indication and imensioning, 3rd edition)
  • DIN ISO 2768 (General tolerance, first edition)
  • ISO 1302 (Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation)

Industrial precise parts

Several precise components have already been reverse-engineered and manufactured by this company, including valves, heat exchangers, industrial cylinders, large-size blowers over two meters in diameter, extruders, and so on. A variety of industries have relied on our expertise in designing and manufacturing these parts, including oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.